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Most Requested Documents

Area Commission Bylaws


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Far East Land Use Plan (C2P2)

On July 16, 2018, the Far East Land Use Plan was adopted. Land Use Plans are primarily used to guide community and city review of future rezoning and variance requests. The planning process was initiated in the summer of 2017. 

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Broad-Blacklick Area Plan

The 2010 Broad-Blacklick Area Plan has been superseded by the C2P2.  

The 2010 Broad-Blacklick Area Plan was created to provide an opportunity to help shape and direct the pattern of growth and development within its neighborhoods and business districts.  The area planning process addresses land use, urban design and economic development.

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Brice Tussing Market Study

From it's inception, the Brice Rd/I-70 interchange was poised to be a regional distribution, shopping, employment, and hospitality center. Over the years there has been a rapid decline as retail shifted further east. In 2014 the City of Columbus hired DiSalvo Development Advisors to put together a market study of the 7.23 square mile area. The market study was used to identify potential for the redevelopment of the once vibrant Brice Rd corridor. 

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To view FEAC Zoom Meeting Recordings for the 2020-2021 FEAC Zoom Meetings, Click here.

To view a zoning application that is not included with the meeting minutes, please visit the City of Columbus Access Portal (don't log in, just scroll down for Building Applications and Permits, Zoning Applications, and more.  You will need the application number of the application you would like to look up.